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Merchant mariner oath Form: What You Should Know

Download Chub Merchant Mariner Consent and Certificate Form. Mar 26, 2024 — Original Certificate, Signed By Coast Guard — Signature, Copy, and Sign Merchant Mariner Oath Form (CG-719C). Copy of MMC application submitted with certificate (CG-719D). You won't receive the copy of MMC online.  Mar 26, 2024 — Merchant Mariner Oath. In Section 1: “I, ...., (name), solemnly swear or affirm, so help me God, that I will, to the best of my skill and judgment, abide by all  officers and departments of the United Ships to protect commerce and navigation of the Pacific Ocean from criminal and maritime dangers and hazards, and to  permit and cause the use of the Merchant Mariner Oath and by me the owner,  officer, agent, or contractor/builder, of said merchant mariner I consent to act as such in  carrying out my duties on board said cruise ship, vessel, or ship.” Mar 27, 2024 — Merchant-Mariner Oath, signed by Capt. B. S. McBride (CG-719F),  Signature, Copy, and Sign Merchant Mariner Oath Form (CG-719D). Copy of MMC application  submitted with certificate. You must receive the certificate before you can sign Merchant Mariner Oath. Merchant-Mariner-Credential-Form-Form-CG-719B.pdf IMPORTANT! Before you sign the MMC it is highly recommended that you first sign the “Merchant Mariner Oath” — a 4-page statement sworn before a notary as to your complete compliance with all requirements and that all previous statements have been properly and completely signed, and that if possible, a sworn statement verifying your identity should be obtained, and that you personally attest the validity and authenticity of all signed documents by presenting your birth certificate, passport or other document acceptable to the United States Government. The statement or oath to sign must be properly completed AND signed, before you can receive certificates of Merit, as these will help establish the fact that you are an experienced and qualified commercial mariner. All certificates of Merit will be mailed within 24 hours after receipt of payment, but in the case of electronic certificates you can get them as soon as 24 hours later.

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Instructions and Help about Merchant mariner oath form

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